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There’s nothing wrong with pimping out your smartphone when the aftermarket looks and sounds this good.
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Logitech’s UE Mobile Bluetooth Boombox speakers mark the dawn of a new age of wireless speakers – no cords and wires to trip over, no hunting down a power point to plug into, and no back injuries lugging hefty stereo speakers into the backyard for an alfresco soiree.

Weighing a tiny 298 grams, the portable Boombox packs a punch for sound, despite its tiny build, putting out almost 80 crisp decibels.

How loud is that? Well, a vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, electric shaver and city traffic rank at about 80 decibels, so that’s a reasonably banging level from a speaker only 11 centimetres wide and six centimetres deep.

Its transportable size and sub-$100 price make the neon noise maker a terrific device to pair with your smartphone or tablet; a mouthpiece for your digital tunes, if you don’t fancy investing in an expensive micro hi-fi system (with a phone dock that will be obsolete as soon as Apple decides to run with a new connector size – oh, wait, that’s already happened).

It’s light enough to carry in a handbag or carry-on, and lets you control your music from up to 15 metres away.

There’s also a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and the ability to connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, which would make it easy to rotate people’s playlists at a party as opposed to yelling at the designated DJ to play your favourite track.

Beyond the impressive tech specs, the Boombox has got some real styling swagger, sporting a retro metallic grille in five pop-art colour schemes and a curved rubber casing.

The battery life of the Boombox is impressive, too. We went three days of on-and-off use around the house, probably more than eight hours of listening, before needing to recharge. Booyah, the little loudspeaker goes the distance.

Verdict Big sound for a little price, where and when you want it.

RRP $99.95, from leading retailers.

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