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Buckwild is the redneck version of Jersey Shore.Buckwild, Tuesday, MTV, 9.30pm

Take Jersey Shore, give it a redneck makeover, throw in a bunch of hair-raising Jackass-style stunts, and you’ve got MTV’s latest drinking-shouting-shagging ”reality” sensation.

Buckwild follows the rather contrived adventures of eight young people (five girls, three boys) who live up in the hollows outside the teeming metropolis of Sissonville, West Virginia (population about 4000).

The main difference between this show and the previous iterations of the format is the outdoorsiness and inventiveness of the boys, be it in turning a dump truck into a swimming pool or misusing earthmoving equipment as makeshift fun-fair rides.

Tonight Anna (”the Ringleader”) is still angry at Cara (”the Firecracker”) for having sex with Tyler (”the Pretty Boy”) in her bed. Shae (”the Spicy Southern Belle”) is sticking with her boyfriend, even though he has been trying to have sex with her friends.

The main story, though, involves the gang heading out to a nightclub in the big smoke. This is a first for yokel Shain, who doesn’t leave the hollow much – in fact, he agrees to go only on the condition that Cara stick her finger in his bug zapper.

Once in town, the girls get a body painter to completely cover their torsos so they can get away with dancing around topless inside the club. Must be the new fashion, I suppose. Apart from that, we’ve seen it all before.

The one bright spot is the unpretentious, unselfconscious Shain, who is unencumbered by book learnin’ and happier than a hog in slop. He’s also the only one who has a real job. Well, MTV is pretending he does – it turns out he was fired from his job on the garbage trucks before filming began. Reality just ain’t reality no more.

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