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“Regensburg is the northernmost city on the Danube and one of Germany’s oldest towns.

“We found it absolutely fascinating, because of the architecture and the fact that it’s still so intact.

“The town was largely spared by Allied bombing in World War II and stands today as a mediaeval city with most of its structures preserved.

“When you go and stand on the town’s old stone bridge, it isn’t hard to visualise the Crusaders coming through on their way to fight in the Crusades, or to picture princes and ambassadors coming to visit the town.

“For me, it was very easy to ‘see’ all of that.

“We started our time in Regensburg with an organised shore tour and then had time to explore on our own.

“Viking uses local guides for its tours and they manage to be informative and entertaining at the same time; it’s not just someone droning on about history.

“We enjoyed seeing the grand old buildings, including the landmark ‘Goliath House’ with a huge David and Goliath mural painted on the side, and exploring the little alleys around the town.

“Along with its architecture, Regensburg is known for what is claimed to be the world’s oldest ‘sausage kitchen’, which is next to the stone bridge.

“It has been there so long it apparently catered for the workers who built the bridge.

“People were queuing up to go in, so we didn’t try it, but all they serve is sausages, with mustard and sauerkraut if you want it.

“Regensburg also has a famous confectionary shop, in the downstairs section of Cafe Prinzess, which is opposite the Old Town Hall and is said to be the oldest cafe in Germany.

“I’m not really a chocolate person so I was able to resist temptation, but I was amused by some of the names they gave to the chocolates, such as Barbara’s Kisses, Smart Gloria and Town Councillor’s Draught.

“For those who love to shop, Regensburg has something for everyone, including boutiques, and for those who like golf there is a golf museum.

“You can also just spend your time enjoying good food and local beer while soaking up the wonderful atmosphere of the outdoor cafes and restaurants.”

Value for money

All excursions were included on Robert and Jan’s cruise, which they rated very highly .

“It was like two holidays for the price of one,” Robert says.

“You could stay on board for the entire cruise, just relaxing and enjoying the wonderful scenery, but as a bonus you get to do all these incredible shore excursions.

“I would rank it as the best holiday we’ve ever had.

“We enjoyed it so much we have booked to do another one of their cruises this year.”

WHO Robert Owen of Grafton, NSW, on his first river cruise.

WHAT A day tour of the mediaeval town of Regensburg, Germany.

WHERE Regensburg is on the Danube River in southern Germany.

THE SHIP Robert travelled with his wife Jan on a 15-day cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest on Viking River Cruises’ Viking Idun (vikingrivercruises杭州夜网m.au).

As told to Jane E. Fraser

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