Boy’s $70k brain surgery costs out of reach

Source: Illawarra Mercury

For four years Connor Kyriacou has lived with the debilitating symptoms of a brain tumour.

The outgoing 11-year-old from the NSW Illawarrasuffers from headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness, memory disturbance, numbness and nausea.

But Connor focuses on doing the things he loves like surf club and soccer and by helping others in need, raising money for Camp Quality with his parents Lyza and Sam.

Now though, Connor’s symptoms are getting worse and he needs a helping hand of surgery.

“We have been having scans and check-ups every six months since the initial diagnosis and in November we were told the devastating news that the lesion was in fact a tumour in the right side of the brain,” mother Lyza said.

“With the tumour in such a sensitive spot in the brain, Connor is going to need complex surgery from neurosurgeon Charlie Teo if he is going to have any chance of a normal life.”

Connor’s parents have their own health problems and have no way of coming up with the $70,000 they need.

“We had to sell our house and make major cutbacks just to survive and that means we don’t have the money that Connor so desperately needs for his operation,” Mrs Kyriacou said.

Connor had a review of his situation on February 26, but a lack of funds meant surgery had to wait.

So now Connor’s community is diving in to help through a major fund-raising drive. They have already raised $10,000.

A Dollar4Connor Family Fun Day will be held in conjunction with the Point-to-Point Ocean Swim at Sandon Point on March 17.

The following Sunday a soccer gala day will be held at Bulli soccer field.

Anyone wanting to help Connor can donate at the websitewww.dollar4connor杭州夜网m

David Grubb from Sandon Point Surf Club with Connor Kyriacou. Photo: ORLANDO CHIODO

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